Egyptian Tourism Authority

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Egyptian Cuisine

Egypt’s rich and extensive history has fused cultures from around the world to produce an incomparable gastronomic experience. Below is a mere sample of all of the tasty goodness Egypt has to offer.

1. Liver, Alexandria Style: Stir-fried liver with fresh chili peppers, lime wedges, and warm pitas, served on a plate or in a sandwich with a side of French fries and mixed pickles.

2. Molokheya: a rich green soup made from the finely chopped leaves of the Jute plant stirred with fried garlic for an extra kick, served with rice or bread.

3. Fatta: Slow-cooked lamb seared on a bed of spices is covered in pieces of crispy-fried bread, rice, and a mouth-watering tomato-based sauce.

4. Koshary: One of Egypt’s most famous dishes, this concoction of satisfaction is simple to make yet just as delicious.